Saturday, February 07, 2009

8-Bit Video Game Music

What is your favorite classic video game music?

Remember when music for video games was composed of blips and bleeps? Here are some of my favorite classic 8 Bit video game tunes:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Guitar Hero III Sales Exceed 1 Billion! (Newsgab)

Activision announced today that 'Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock' is the first game in history to reach one billion dollars (USD) in sales. The game is widely available and has versions available for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PC and Mac.

'Guitar Hero III' launched in fall of 2007. It went on to become the best selling game of all time within a year making Activision the number one developer that year.

'Guitar Hero III: LOR' was published by RedOctane. Activision acquired RedOctane in 2006 for a mere $100,000,000.

The success of the game has not only benefited the video game industry but the music industry as well. Mike Griffith Publishing CEO revealed that Nielson SoundScan data shows artists featured in the 'Guitar Hero' games have seen download music sales increases between 15-843%.

'Guitar Hero: World Tour' is the successor to 'Guitar Hero III' which launched in October of 2008. It is the first game in the series to feature drum and microphone controllers. Sales for 'Guitar Hero: WT' seem to be down from previous 'Guitar Hero' games due partly to black Friday sales of Guitar Hero III. Although 'Guitar Hero' will always have a loyal fan base the series might never surpass the sales and popularity of 'Guitar Hero III'.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wii Storage Solution: Deleting Stuff.....

I finally decided to get Tetris party (which is the greatest version of Tetris BTW) and to do so I had to make room on my Wii. As most people know the Wii only has 512 MB of Internal flash memory which is alright if your only downloading relatively small NES games. Since Wii Ware has launched the Storage has been a HUGE issue.

I have been forced to move SNES Donkey Kong Country games, Kirby 64, Wave Race, Mario 64 and even Sin and Punishment :( Lately though I have gotten tired of moving stuff back and fourth and have begun to delete some of the fun things.

I deleted the "Metroid Channel" and the not really that useful "Mario Kart Channel" as the were pretty much pointless already. Most recently I decided to say goodbye to the "Everybody Votes Channel". That will give me enough space for now. Next up for consideration for deletion is the "Check Mii Out" channel.

I liked being able to vote on arbitrary things in the "Everybody Votes Channel" and find out what the rest of the world thinks but I much rather be blowing stuff up in Bomberman, making towers in Word of Goo or clearing out towers in Tetris. The "Check Mii Out" out channel is a lot of fun too but since I am a hardcore gamer I will have to say goodbye to that channel soon too.

By not offering a real storage solution Nintendo is only hurting it's most loyal fan base. I know there new core demographic probably won't fill up the channels or memory but their hardcore fan base (the ones that download the most stuff) has a long time ago or will fill it up soon. For being a loyal fan I am being prevented from enjoying some of the things that make the Wii so great. I feel like I'm being punished for spending money on Nintendo games.

Before I bought the Wii; I knew the storage was going to be a problem. I fully expected that Nintendo would offer some sort of storage solution within the first year. When That didn't happen I figured they would put it off until bigger games started to become available for download. When the first Neo Geo game came out I was very surprised there was no solution. When Wii Ware Launched without a storage solution I was mortified.

I could easily download the "Homebrew Channel" and play thousands of games off an SD card but as a dedicated Nintendo fan I choose not to. I want accurate emulation and play the games like they were meant to be played and Nintendo virtual console games rarely disappoint but there lack of storage and inattentiveness to the problem sucks.

What this means to me is this; I will no longer be downloading anything I can find in used video game stores and for the next Nintendo system flaws (such as storage space) will greatly impact my decision to buy at launch.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Bird Is The Word Family Guy 8 Bit Style Gif

Have you heard about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recently a new celebrity picture forum popped up on the internets. Why exactly is this important? It's important because it was made by the original creator of celebswap and The main focus of the new celebsandgirls forum as well as newsgab seems to be it's community.

features mainly on celebrity pictures and real life girls and has both safe for work (SFW) and not safe for work (NSFW) pictures. The new forum features well organized sections as well as tags for easy searches.

After only a week it is apparent that this site will grow even bigger and better than the original celebswap. It's a great place to stop by to post or find pictures.

Follow this link to hop over to the boards:

Hope to meet you there soon!

Here are a few of the types of sweet pictures you'll see on the boards:

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Nude Finally ....Anyone Else Disappointed?

Unless you have been living in a cave over the last couple weeks you have probably seen or at least heard about Lindsay Lohan's topless pics in the February edition of New York magazine. That's gotta be something to get excited about right?

To be perfectly honest I don't find her attractive in this layout at all. I know it's suppose to pay tribute to the older Marilyn Monroe classic PlayBoy photo layout but do the age group this is aimed at even care who Marilyn Monroe is anymore?

Perhaps this is meant to appeal to an older generation in there mid thirties that found there dads vintage PlayBoys? Maybe they are well aware of Lohan's quickly aging looks.

I find the washed out colors in the layout to be off putting and while I do understand they are going for a retro look I'm just not digging the style.

I say everyone should buy this and slip it in to your dads magazine collection to replace the Marilyn Monroe PlayBoy you stole from him. Maybe when I'm older I'll appreciate this more?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who's More Popular Jessicas or Jennifers?

Who is more popular Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel & Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sexy pieces: Jessica Rabbit

She's not bad. She's just drawn that way. She seems to be drawn like that alot. More often than most cartoons. Perhaps it's because despite her unrealistic propotions she's alot more real to most than a cartoon mouse. Her popularity could be because she seems more obtainable as she is able to interact with the real world. There is also a chance deep down inside all any guy really wants to see is giant bOObs fake,real or toon.